Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wouldn't it just be easier?

We stood under the florescent lights of the big box pet store.
He with his pupils so dilated from the drops the eye doctor put in them. Wearing my blue sunglasses with the groovy metal dots on the sides. Wearing my sunglasses even though the sun ha set already and it's about 10 degrees outside.
I with the all natural, no chemical anything, get rid of the fleas cat medicine in my hands.
I had to read all the ingredients to him. He couldn't see a damn thing.
"No not that one, it won't work", he says emphatically. And believe me my husband knows emphatic.
"But she had such a terrible reaction to the last flea medicine we gave her. I don't want to do that to any of us again", I answer back. And believe me the last time we gave Ethel flea medicine we might as well of sprinkled Angel Dust in her cat food. She did not have a good trip.
I read all the labels to him and he picks out one that we did not use last time and he says very convincingly (and he can be very f***ing convincing), "This is not the chemical we used last time and after it happened I went on line and did some research. This is the one to use. This all natural stuff will not kill fleas and won't work."
"Alright we will use this one."
So, here I am almost 24 hrs. after I gave her the medicine. Another bad trip for my precious baby. Michael is off in Virginia at a show. The girls and I got hardly any sleep last night. This trip is lasting way longer than the last one. I called the vet and since she's eating and drinking she feels that we should just ride it out. All day long I have been on edge and hyper sensitive.
Damn! Damn! Damn!
Sometimes I wish that no one was allowed to make any of the choices except for me.
Wouldn't it just be easier?

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Jane_hates_Dick said...

I send my sympathies. Brian almost killed Rita Mae with a flea bath when she was a kitten, and I still don't think I've completely forgiven him.