Tuesday, January 22, 2008

...a layer of dust.

I love a city with good (to me anyway) public art. I truly like Philadelphia for it's art. New York City takes care with its art in Central Park. Amsterdam is a cherished place (I love the architecture there and because this is my blog I will call that public art too). I like Lancaster, PA because I am a sucker for 'turn of the century' brick buildings. London has some very impressive sculptures and monuments. Cairo doesn't have much but it is exotic and I like it there. But, Paris has ART. Sculptures everywhere for your eyes to feast on. Oh I forgot Washington, DC. Poor Capital (or is it Capitol?) she's a grand city with some very impressive public art.
But, Paris has ART...There is art on the way to the Metro...At the end of the pavilion that houses that flower market...On the side of a building...As you stroll through the park (by the way, there was some guide book that I read that said that Paris did not have many public parks, they were wrong!)...On the way to the restaurant supply store...And yet another park that Paris supposedly does not have...
If you look up you might find this...I am an aesthetic person. I like my surrounding to please my eye. I love Lopez for that reason. I could ride around Lopez everyday of my life and never get bored with the scenery. I have a favorite hill just above the library that when you are at the top you can see Fisherman Bay and beyond into the Sound. I love that view. I think that I could walk Paris for everyday of my life and never get bored with the aesthetic details of that city.
So why doesn't my house feel like an aesthetic paradise? Why is there always a pile of stuff (junk) somewhere on a porch or in the yard? Why does the inside always look like a whirlwind of dishes and chaos.
I guess it is because I am out there wandering the streets of the world with my mind elsewhere feeling the weather all the while my vacuum accumulates nothing but a layer of dust.


Ellen said...

Welcome home!
Paris sounds amazing. Has the culture shock worn off yet?
My old neighborhood was to me, like Lopez is to you. It was incredibly beautiful, as was the surrounding area. I used to kid my daughter and say "Let's go the pretty way." to which she'd respond, "Every way is the pretty way." So much color, blue sky, amazing foliage, the ocean.
Having a hard time with the cold, gray, beige, brown, gray lifestyle we're currently living.

Anonymous said...

ohh-la-la I will get to Paris, I will get to Paris! I'm clicking my sparkly red shoes together - it will happen.
In the mean time, please come visit us in Lower Town, Paducah. We moved here from Chicago and love just about everything about Paducah, really. Lower Town is the home that I've always hoped for. We all promise to tell you the truth about Paducah life, as we see it, so you'll have our experiences to help you decide if this is the place for your family.
And speaking of your family, Merle and I have rehabbed a wonderful 1886 home but it's too big for us. We're downsizing, staying in Lower Town, but down sizing. When you come to visit, please come check out our home and see if it might work for your plans and dreams. 326 N. 7th st. It's listed with Coldwell Banker and also historic homes website.
So come and enjoy Paducah and Lower Town. We all love to talk about LT, so don't hesitate to stop us on the street and ask.
Safe Travels, Deb Lyons

Annalise said...

Love the pictures!!