Monday, March 10, 2008

...liked the weather this week all that much either.

This is it. This is what the front of my house looks like. Can you see all that water? How can you blame me for not posting all week? I've been too busy wading to my van.And this really how I've been feeling all week. Dreary. Dreary. Dreary.But the sun is out now. I can feel the change of season coming on. So can the cats, they've been a little friskier all weekend. As I sit here typing away I can hear birdsong outside the window. Birdsong, sun, snow, still have patches of 4 inch thick ice on my sidewalk...what's wrong with this picture? In my head I'm humming that old kid's show song, "One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong..." But in my case it's two of these things...
To celebrate my brightening spirits I will tell you (what I think anyway) is a charming story.
I'll start off with pillows. Does anyone ever go through the phase of needing to change your pillows? Well, I've been going through my phase for about a year now. It seems that no matter what type of pillow I buy it doesn't seem comfortable and I'm not getting a truly good nights rest. I'm chalking it up to pre-menapause because I'm at a loss.
Yesterday Michael and I went out and did some errands. He stood there chuckling at the counter as I bought yet another pillow. This one is fake down. I have never liked the feel of a down pillow but I'm getting desperate. So we get home and after doing the household chores I want to lie down and test out my pillow. I amble into the studio where Michael is working on this really big head. He is making it as an example for a sculpting class that he teaches. He's got it on his round-about thingy and asking me how I like it from this perspective and that perspective. He wants feedback about the face's expression so I tell him that I think his work will be stronger if he commits to an expression. Really truly commits. Many times he purposefully makes his work ambiguous and I have felt for a while that he should play with really going for an emotional expression. So I told him my opinion and off I go to commune with my new pillow.
I fell asleep. Must have liked the pillow enough (which I do and did). When I wake up I meander into the studio and this is what I find.I guess he hasn't really liked the weather this week all that much either.


Jane_hates_Dick said...

Meh. I don't miss that weather at all. At. All.

Love the facial expression, though!

Patience-please said...

Too funny!!!