Thursday, March 13, 2008

The sick...I could do without.

My house has been very quiet for the past few days.
No shouts of joy.
No loud whines of homeschool protest.
No unruly bickering between the girls.
No harsh words to the kitties to stop whatever mischievous behavior they are up to.
Oh no...we have all been as quiet as church mice. We are all sick with really crummy sore throat chest colds. We have been talking in whispers at best.
It's lovely...the quiet.
The sick...I could do without.


Jane_hates_Dick said...

Sending healing vibes... Feel better soon!

madre-terra said...

Thanks Jane. You should hear me, I sound like Lauren Bacall on 7 packs of cigs a day.

Patience-please said...

Oh I hope you all (as opposed to y'all) get better quickly. I hate sick.

Annalise said...

Get well soon! Being sick is horrible.