Friday, May 30, 2008

From Russia, with love.

The past couple of days have been really hectic for me.
We are in the midst of packing (trying to get things packed up for Michael and Xan so that they can leave on time) and finishing up our homeschool year.
The day before yesterday Xan and I went on an errand extravaganza. We started off with lunch at a Chinese joint (thought it was going to be soup at Panera's but we changed out minds), Lane Bryant (to look at bras. God! I need a comfortable bra. Is there one out there?! And one for under $36 would be nice.), Radio Shack (for the multitude of gidgies that we needed for the next round of physics experiments and I had to put on my science head to figure all that out. It hurt), Spencers (to look for prisms for said physics experiments), the NY DMV (to replace the title to our red bus that we cant find :( which means that the bus can't leave my driveway for another week or two, ugh!), and Petsmart (to look for sand to fill some display bottles for Artie because she is going to sell bottle cap jewelry at a small show this weekend).
As I write it all down it somehow doesn't seem like much but it was. It really was!
Upon our return home I found this on the table. I am posting two pictures. The first is the artsy one.And the next is the more straight forward version.Artie got a package from Russia. How cool.
Art has been buying a bunch of stuff on Ebay these days. She's gotten a Jack Skellington mug, a Johnny Depp mug, a red & white plastic lunch box that snaps together a really neat way, dvd's, music, and lots of other cool teenage stuff. This package holds the coveted cd of Vitas. Vitas is a male singer from Russia and he has got an amazing voice. He can sing high notes like a female opera star. If you have seen the movie "The Fifth Element" than you have heard him sing. His voice is used for part of the song that the alien blue lady sings.
Art has been whining all week that her Vitas cd has not arrived. She had no clue that she ordered it from Russia. Her Ebay consciousness had not expanded globally yet. Sorta has now.
So from Russia over the love lines this cd was ordered.
And it arrived.
From Russia, with love.

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