Thursday, May 29, 2008 ebbs and it flows.

Michael had a gallery opening last Saturday at Galerie BMG in Woodstock, NY.He had to go down alone. Can you believe it? I had to work at the Farmers Market, Artie had to work at Starbucks, and Xan had a soccer game. So, we sent the Lone Ranger off in our new-to-us Hippie van. I woke him up early in the morning to tell him that I would keep the Hippie van and let him take our old faithful with the comfy seats. Nope. I awoke him for nothing because he wanted to take the Hippie van for a test run. This is the van that is going to take him to Kentucky so it made sense.
Michael is off to Woodstock and the rest of the females are off to work & play.
It was good day! A successful opening was had. The crowd was diverse.Michael set himself up with a small table and did some on-site hand sculpting. He created small caricatures for people for $30 bucks a pop. Which means he came home with a wad of money in his pocket. We like that very much!
All of the small faces that Galerie BMG had sold and there is some strong interest in his new work.
I made these pictures big because the pieces are BIG. These heads weigh a ton. Especially the one with the chair.
I like this new direction that Michael is going in.
On the way home the van broke down. Yeah, the Hippie van conked out. But, not too badly it was a belt and we got it fixed the next day. Poor Michael had to wait an hour for AAA to show up and tow him back the last 1/2 hour to Saratoga.
So goes life, it ebbs and it flows.


Jane_hates_Dick said...

Tell Michael he rocks. He is doing some really amazing stuff. Love it.

chris said...

Hmmm. I think it's growing on me.