Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Have a peaceful day.

Well, we were at it again.Our good friend Linda, amazing Linda (I really should spend a whole post on Linda and how she gets arrested for us all), asked the girls and I if we wanted to decorate a cake for someone in the Saratoga Peace Alliance. Linda made the cake and brought it over and the girls and I made an Italian meringue buttercream (a new recipe for us and OMG delicious!).
We started off with the idea of doing a tie dye background with a peace sign on the front, that morphed into Xan coming up with a tree that made a peace sign if you turned it upside down, that morphed into Artie creating the tree peace sign right-side up, and that morphed into what we all finally loved...And there are even clouds in the sky...We had such fun creating together!!! And we hope that Jeff did indeed have a peaceful birthday.
By the way...thanks for all the supportive and humorous responses to my ranting post. It's good to feel cared for and things are indeed still stressful but it's good to know that I can be bitchy and still feel like a part of the human race.
Have a peaceful day.

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chris said...

that's lovely. YOu all are such a happy bunch of people.