Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey, Happy Summer!

This is a cake that Artie and I decorated for a friend of ours, Linda (again). It's for Linda's friend who is a Yankee's fan and is turning 80 (OK the next day I found out it was 80 and had to change the numbering).
Is it possible that in the middle of having a total brain freeze about what to do with all our stuff that I can be creative?
I am having a brain freeze (squeeze) because I have to decide what to do with our treasured possessions:
A. Does it spend the summer in my garage? (Realtor hates that idea)
B. Does it go over to where we already have storage and get a unit all it's own? (We have accessibility issues there that I think I might have worked out)
C. Pack it now into a moving cube and have it sent off to storage until September and then get another moving cube in September for the stuff that is still in storage and the house? (Can you now understand my brain freeze?)
D. Pack it all now, everything, into a moving pod/cube/thing and have it sent to storage somewhere?
E. Throw it all away and be done with it?
F. Decorate a cake instead and go hide under a pillow?

The cake was fun and a good distraction. And we did a Yankee's logo transfer. It took us a while to figure it out and our dinner company had to leave in the middle of the whole thing (boo-hoo, I felt so bad Laura & Paul!). But Laura got to frost the cake, right Laura? And we got to dip strawberries in Italian Meringue Buttercream, right?
This morning I think that I figured out the stuff issue. I am getting another storage unit and then in September we will get the humongous moving trailer and we will have to Uhaul our stuff to our house. It's the economical way to go.
So, that's that and I have a hefty list of things to do before I go to work at the Farmers Market.
Hey, Happy Summer!

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timerulesmylife said...

Good luck with your packing! Left something about you on my blog! Start practicing now! Does sangria go good with cake?