Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Because, you know, I am the Dairy Queen.

This is us underground.
Yep. We went on a boat ride on an underground lake.
This was one of our Gatlinburg trip highlights. We went to The Lost Sea. This is one of the largest underground lakes in North America. We went on a tour that took about 1 1/2 hours. First we got to walk down the long yellow tunnel and meet up with our tour guide.We walked through the caverns. This place used to be an underground bar. During the prohibition some smart-thinking local set up a bar down there. Apparently too many people got way too rip roaring drunk and fell up the hand carved stairs one too many times and they had to close the operation down. Later food rations were stored down there. When the current owners bought the place an entire cavern was filled with these cracker rations.And this is when the guide turned out the lights.I have to include this picture because I can't tell which end is up. Seriously I've been flipping the thing around for minutes trying to figure it. What do you think? Did I get it right?This is my artsy fartsy picture of a small waterfall that we saw.This part of Tennessee has many underground caverns. I want to go back and do some more exploring. The boat ride was very cool! A while back the owners wanted to figure out where the lake ran into so they tagged a bunch of trout and stocked the lake. The tagged trout have never been discovered anywhere. They just stay in the lake so now the owners keep stocking it with more trout. They have these big lights that are kept on so that the trout won't go blind and all that they eat is Purina trout food. No kidding.
It was great fun and the only thing that made the day better was our trip to the cheese farm. Because, you know, I am the Dairy Queen.


Annalise said...

An underground lake filled with pet-food eating trout - can't help but feel that this should be part of a horror movie! :-)

Patience-please said...

how cool! I clicked to enlarge your which way is up photo, and I can't tell either. But the rock is gorgeous!