Sunday, August 10, 2008

Transformations of the apartment kind.

I thought that I would post from Paducah but we didn't get great wifi from the apartment.
I thought that I would post as soon as I got back but....
I have no idea what the heck happened! I have no great reason. No great story of how busy I have been. I mean, I have been busy.
I have been living in transformation.
From this:
Now I am going to have a total aside with you. I just spent the last ten minutes looking for the 'before' picture of my bathroom because it is the biggest transformation that I have. Apparently I have thought about taking a picture of my bathroom so much that I thought that I had done it. I have NO picture of my bathroom in its 'before' state. I love my bathroom. Isn't that a weird thing to say? I really do.
Let me describe my 'before' bathroom to you.
In my bathroom we had tan colored wall that are textured like sand. It's because the guy that we bought the house from used shelving contact paper right on the sheet rock. Oh, yes he did! So I gently ripped off what I could and then for some unknown reason my husband had a gallon of this type of paint that you use on cement. It has grit in it. I used this paint to hide all the flaws of the sheet rock because neither one of us wanted to plaster (too much of a pain). The paint was tan in color and I chose a funky blue as a trim. We got a shower curtain of a tropical island beach scene. We painted the sub-floor brown (ran out of money solution...btw most of our decorating in this apartment are ran out of money solutions). I made a back-splash to go on the wall by the old butlers sink that we installed. The back-splash is made of rocks that I collected from Agate beach on Lopez and shells that I would collect on our working trips to Florida. On the wall I hung beaded garland with fish hanging on it. There were local calenders from Lopez surrounding the toilet alcove. There was a painting that Michael did of a crone looking upward in bliss and a batique of a nude woman worshiping the moon hanging by the mirror. On the wall we installed a collection of canning jars filled with fun stuff. It was our way of getting some ambient light into a small dark space. I loved my bathroom!
Now look at this:
And a closer look:I still love my bathroom. It's totally different and just as groovy.

Here are a few more pictures of the great apartment transformation:
This is my new kitchen. I am very pleased with the new colors and vinyl.

This is the studio. No more hard wood floor covered with clay.

Lots of boxes because I am cleaning out the garage and needed to bring this stuff in.

This is the girls' room. No more blue walls and trim. Ethel seems to like it.

Transformations of the apartment kind.


Jane_hates_Dick said...

I love your bathroom, too. As an aside, I have the same shaving cream. Mmmm, the smell of hippie in the morning.

Chris said...

That bathroom kind of is completely groovy.

Patience-please said...

The bathroom is the coolest bathroom I have ever seen in my life! Inspiring!
And I gotta argue a little... It looks like you've been WAY busy.
Had a nice visit with Xan the other day - she is such a delight!


madre-terra said...

Jane...It's Artie's shaving cream. She smells more like a hippie than I do. I've got hairy legs.