Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Yesterday I thought it was a good idea to:

*put off calling the mortgage company because I got a letter from them saying that it just came to their attention that we have not paid our property taxes and if we don't than our mortgage will become delinguent.
*put off calling city hall and finding out how much we owe on our property and school tax which we have not paid because we needed the money and we are selling the house and that we would pay them off when we sell the house.
*put extra chocolate chips in the cookies i made.
*sit on the couch and watch a movie.
*check email every 1/2 hour to see if we have heard from horrid sister about the next step.
*talk to our lawyer, who has just returned from her vacation, about horrid sister and the next step.
*to sit on the couch, cry, eat cookies, and watch "eureka" on the sci fi chanel.
*to call roger, the exertiminator, because we have a rodent in our ceiling who is driving me CRAZY scratching at the sheet rock. (i just know that whatever it is is going to fall through on top of me)
*to make sezchuan spicy shrimp for dinner.
*to decide that the asshole, who we hired to paint and do some repairs on our house and we finally had to take to small claims court because he never finshed and we won the claim because he never showed up to court to the tune of $4800.00 and this asshole has telephoned us screaming and then showed up at our house screaming fuckin' profanity at us all the while saying "I'm here to finish the work", is not allowed on our property anymore and we'll just take the money and be done with it. he, by the way, never cleaned up after his first time here in the fall and left our collection of antique porcelain sinks that we had been collecting to take back to Lopez in front of our fence and they were stollen. we were off to a show and he promised me that he was coming over that day to put them back behind the fence where they belonged.
*go to bed and pull the covers over my head

These are just a few of the things that I thought were a good idea.

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