Saturday, October 21, 2006


We have created a bunch of work for ourselves here at Terra Cottage.
The first, and most pressing, and time consuming is the moving of our posessions from one place in the house to another. Ahhh, the constant shifting of our shit (I truly mean our most prized and cherished household items that are packed in boxes ready to be lovingly moved out to Lopez).
That's right folks. I was very busy this summer packing up all our stuff. Leaving only what we couldn't live without using unpacked for the the last minute packing that I was going to be doing in July, no wait August, Ok September, What? October. Now, as you all know, we have decided that we are going to stay the winter and hopefully, HOPEFULLY move in March, maybe April. Victoria will be a raving lunatic if it's May.
As a result, our school bus (Big Red) is stuffed with boxes, my livingroom's got the decor of "early college", and we are in the process of doing the rubic cube manuevers of the poor and infamous. This week we took the kitchen table that Michael made to fit our kitchen here and replaced it with a table that my Mom gave us this summer. Now the replacement table is a bit wider than the old one but we needed to get it out of the living room where is was leaning up against all the boxes. I am going to have to take a picture of my her (I really think it's a she) and show you all. It's a table that my mom was using in her studio and I think that it came from my maternal grandmother. She (my table) is probably from the late 1800's and has the most beautiful legs and feet that you ever saw. Kitchen Table (that's her name for now) was fun to set up. Setting up a piece of family history and her being so gorgeous was a treat.
TODAY we are heading out into the garage. UCK.... the garage. The back room of the garage is full of junk. It's one of the places where we just dumped the stuff that we don't know what do with. I think that I've got clothes hanging out there from the conception of our owning this house. It must be cleaned out so that we can get our box decor out of the living room, out of Artie's part of the girl's room, and out of Big Red (we must sell BR for a larger school bus...and that's another blog, trust me). All because we decided that we are staying the winter and Victoria is going to pop a gasket if we don't make our living quarters livable. That's makes today "garage day". We've put off "garage day" for a while. Of course, who wants to deal with a bunch of stuff that you haven't missed in years. And it requires LABOR. And it requires that we do it TOGETHER because I'll be damned if I'm going out there all by myself. Oh no...this misery definetely needs company.
It is time to go outside and move the car.
I am going to end this missive with promises to post pictures of Kitchen Table ( were such an inspiration with Ethan Allen).
Think of me fondly for I am going to battle....

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