Monday, October 16, 2006


A conversation with Xan while we are in our booth...

Xan: Mom I'm hungry.
Me: There are chicken salad sandwiches in the cooler.
Xan: I don't want that.
Me: Ok, there are also apples, have one of those for now.
Xan: I am going to eat the apple and I am not going to have the sandwich.
Me: Yeah you are. You can't just eat the apple for lunch.
Xan: Why not?
Me: Because even though the apple is great food it is natural sugars and the sandwich has protein. You need the protein. You must eat the sandwich.
Xan: Mah-om you know that I hate tuna and chicken salads. If I eat that sandwich I will barf.
Me: This does not have to be your favorite sandwich. You need to eat the sandwich.
Xan: Than I am going to barf on your head.
Me: Then you will probably get no treats today...probably.


Mons said...

We have lots of protein discussions over here.

Maddy said...

I have two boys, 9 and 11, and we constantly battle over lunch and what they will and mostly will not eat. We have agreed on toasted sandwhiches at the moment ... I just wonder for how long?

My sympathies.

max said...

I know if my mom posted something like this I would be mad.