Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I also have a beautiful neighbor.

Our new rental house is very cozy. It has two bedrooms, a bathroom, an open living room & dining room plan, and an open kitchen. Off the kitchen you can find the back door and washer & dryer. In the living room/dining room there are six windows.
A couple of weeks ago I met one of my neighbors who has this great koi pond (with the mother of all koi in there) and has a green thumb. While I was at her house visiting she casually told me that she had a bunch of plants that needed to separate and would I like some.
I love house plants and had a cat that destroyed them and then we moved into an apartment (in our house in Saratoga) that didn't have great light or room for lots of plants and for years I have not had many plants in my home. Here I have my SIX GLORIOUS WINDOWS and a cat who won't pee in my plants. I can have plants again.
My neighbor calls me up and says that she has some plants for me on her back porch. She has to take off and go to work but I can just come over and pick them up. Sure! We have errands to do and we'll swing by and pick up some plants.
We stop by her house and what do we find on the back porch? We find an enormous rubber plant, a huge spider plant with babies abounding, a succulent, and a peace lily ready to bloom.
All for me.
I was expecting a few plants in some 4" pots and I got the mother load.
I have SIX GLORIOUS WINDOWS with plants and a cat.
I also have a beautiful neighbor.


Jane_hates_Dick said...

Mmmm, light from SIX GLORIOUS windows, beautiful plants, and a well mannered kitty. It's a good life. :-)

Patience-please said...

AAACCCCKKKK!!! We have GOT to get you guys over here for dinner. ON a good excuse/positive note: I FINISHED THIS DRAFT OF MY NOVEL!!!! If you thought it was a tornado siren it was not. It was me!!! FINISHED!!! Now it goes to readers, and then I re-write. I don't know whether to give Xan this draft or the next to read...
any whoooooo, gotta sew like crazy for the thingy at Kijsa's on Friday and Saturday, then I can breathe!!!

hugs from the bad neighbor!