Monday, April 05, 2004

I just got back from our first of two Seders. I just love this holiday. The ritual eating of food, the remembering of ancient events, the discussions of how not to repeat history, and the ritual eating of food. I made a chocolate orange torte to have for desert and had some left over so I brought it home. There I am standing in front of our door and someone has left us a gift in a plastic bag hung on our door knob. I lean in to look inside the bag and swoosh, the chocolate torte disengages from the plate and lands glaze side down on the floor. It was classic. And it was a damn good torte too!!! Thank you who ever you are that left us a well intentioned gift on our door!!
It was very cold today. I packed up all our winter clothes this week. I am standing upstairs in my mud room donning on a polartec vest and hefty sweater and my winter coat is keeping all the other winter coats warm and snuggy in a plastic bin in the basement (which is now a little more slightly flooded). M and X and I walked to the post office shivering and talked of our golden days that we spent in the sun just two weeks ago.
Last night M brought out the road atlas so that we can plan our trip to WA. We have friends that we want to visit on the way out. I want to stop in Butte, Montana. We stopped there last year and we all really liked it. It's an old mining town and it has a bit of the ol' ghost town feel to it. The last time we were there we found out that you can buy buildings there for about $200.00. Yes, it's a bit depressed. But, the buildings are old and brick and rather beautiful. M keeps telling me that we are going to stop there and get us our very own Butte building. We'll start an artists colony. Nope, no Butte building right now for us, but maybe someone out there wants to check it out. We like Butte, you might too.
I had a cup of tea at desert and now I'm wide awake. I don't do caffeine and I knew better but I was driving and thought it was a good idea at the time. I shall now retire and go read my Clive Cussler. Clive is good because I can read him when I'm half asleep and still understand what's going on. In my house we call books like that "mental popcorn". Sweet Dreams!!

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