Sunday, April 04, 2004

Today I arrived at church just in time to open the front doors during the moment of silent reflection that happens after the sermon. YES!!! We forgot to turn our clocks ahead. We had a very nice time at coffee hour. Next week I think I might show up for the service.
I found out today that a house/store front building that is a block away from sold for $280,000.00 just this week. My word, we bought our three family house about 3-4 years ago and now its tripled in value. I feel the kahching - kahching of money rolling into my upturned palms. I am in a sweat of anticipation. I want to sell this house and move back to Lopez!! We decided last week that in 2006 we want to sell our East Coast home and move the brood back to Lopez where our hearts are. Something happened to us while we were at the Florida Renaissance Festival. I can't put my finger on it yet. Maybe it was hanging out with alot of alternative minded people that reminded us of our friends on Lopez. Whatever it was/is we find ourselves feeling detached here in Saratoga. Michael didn't even want to go to church this morning and I felt indiferent about it. I went because X wanted to go. We enjoy our UU church and M & I have great philosophical discussions about the sermons. Something is amiss if we don't even care about going. I, personally, am feeling stuck in a place I don't want to be. I am here waiting to leave. The kids like it here very much and have good buddies that they connect well with. M & I have some very good friends here and we have M's Mom (the whole reason why we are here). But I feel like the ghost of me is going through the motions and Goddess only knows where the other part of me is!!
Tomorrow is the beginning of my favorite holiday, Passover. We are going to two passover dinners. How fortunate to do it twice!! M just told me that the soup is on the stove so I can have my turn to make the chocolate orange torte for tomorrow.
Funds are low. Spirits are about average. Sense of humor is in full Spring. And my love for M is constant.

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